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Frequently asked questions


Some of your training programmes are for “teams”. What does this mean?

Both our 12 week Fundamentals in Personalised Care programme and our Shared Decision Making programmes are designed for teams.  Each course typically has 2-6 teams attending – giving a chance to share ideas and learn from others outside of your service. 

We support you to identify an area for improvement within your service, and begin the process of improving this.  Doing this as a team is more likely to lead to sustainable change.

How many people from a team can attend?

We recommend identifying a core team of 6-10 people.  This should include frontline practitioners, a service lead/manager, and where possible, a commissioner.  We also encourage you to have people with lived experience as part of your core project team.

My service is participating in a 12 week training programme, but I can’t attend every session. What shall I do?

We appreciate that it can be hard to commit to every session on our 12 week programmes.  Teams will get the most from the programme if members are able to consistently attend, but we don’t expect exactly the same people every week.  Let your facilitator know which sessions you can’t attend and we can ensure that you have access to any recordings and/or materials. 

Is all training delivered online?

At present, all training programmes are delivered online – we normally use Zoom.

Can you provide bespoke training in personalised care?

We do have some capacity to provide bespoke training, please contact us with your requirements and we will see how we can help.

Is your training accredited with the Personalised Care Institute?

Yes – our Fundamentals Programme has been accredited since 2021, and our one day professional development courses are currently going through the accreditation process, ready for their launch in 2023.  The Shared Decision Making is not yet accredited, although we do have plans to do this.

What does the training cost?

Please contact us directly, and we will be happy to discuss programme costs with you.  If you work in Dorset, Hampshire or the Isle of Wight, we sometimes have funded places – please get in touch to find out if you are eligible for one of these.

I don’t work within Wessex, can I still access your training?

Yes, absolutely.  All of our training is delivered virtually, and is therefore open to services from all areas.  Please contact us to find out more, including programme costs.

I have attended a course, where can I find the training materials?

Previous course participants can access training materials on the Futures Platform.  You will be given access to this at the beginning of your programme.  Please contact us if you are having any issues accessing this

I require specific learning support, – what should I do?

We are committed to making our training as accessible and supportive as possible.  Please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Do you provide attendance certificates?

Yes – if you attend any of our training programmes, you will receive a course certificate.  For courses that are accredited with the PCI, you will be asked to complete a PCI feedback form first.

Service evaluation

Is participation in the service evaluation anonymous?

Yes – the surveys do not ask for any personally identifiable information  However, in smaller teams where there may only be one or two respondents (e.g. for manager or commissioner surveys), it may be possible for people to identify the individual respondent.

We support you to identify an area for improvement within your service, and begin the process of improving this.  Doing this as a team is more likely to lead to sustainable change.

Can service users complete paper copies of the survey?

Yes – service user questionnaires are available in both electronic and paper versions.  For paper versions, we will provide pre-paid return enveloped, which come directly back to the WASP team for inputting.

How long does it usually take to collect data for the service evaluation?

This varies from service to service – but we recommend allowing 2-3 months, particularly for service user data.  Your WASP facilitator will talk to you about this, and help to develop a plan.

We are struggling to complete data collection, what should we do?

The service evaluation is an important part of the WASP programme, so it is worth dedicating some time to completing it.  Click here to read an article with some ideas for your data collection.

Is it possible to adapt the surveys for our individual service?

The surveys are designed to be applicable in a range of services and/or settings.  The survey will have the name of your service (as agreed with you) at the top, however, this is the limit of what we can offer in terms of survey customisation.

How many times can we do the survey evaluation?

You can undertake the service evaluation as many times as you like within a year from starting. 

When will we receive our service report?

This will be agreed with you at the start of your data collection.  If you are undertaking one of our training programmes, this will usually be a week before you are due to start.

Can we do the service evaluation without undertaking one of the WASP programmes?

Yes – please contact us, and we will provide you with the information you need to get this started, including fees.

Can we see what WASP Service Insight Report looks like?

Yes – please contact us at and we will send you a sample.  Please note, undertaking the WASP service evaluation also comes with support to interpret your Service Insights.

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